QGIS Documentation Writer

We have really wonderful news! #QGIS is going to fund a full-time position for one year!

Document writer: This person's role will be to help the really overtaxed documentation team with maintaining and improving the QGIS User Manual. This will be a 12-month contractor position with Kartoza acting as the managing company for the employment contract.

Salary: The salary 1300 EUROS per month ('cost to company'). We understand that this salary is not competitive with European / North American norms, so it probably means the position is more suitable for someone living in a developing nation where the cost of living is low. That said if you do live in one of the aforementioned 'high-income' regions and find the salary sufficient (e.g. you are retired and want to augment your income, or otherwise have the financial means to make this work) please do not hesitate to apply.

Skills needed: You need to have:

  1. Excellent writing skills
  2. Good technical skills (learning some Git and Sphinx / RST is inevitable if you don't already know it, we can train you to use these if needed)
  3. Most of all you should love and use QGIS regularly and have general GIS knowledge so that you can help to explain QGIS functionality in a clear and approachable way to our documentation readers

Working environment:

  1. You will be working closely with the team from Kartoza for your daily supervision
  2. Our team is a wonderful, diverse, and distributed group of people and we welcome the opportunity to make it even more diverse
  3. You will need to also work closely with the upstream QGIS community, in particular the documentation team
  4. You will need to be able to organise your tasks, show steady progress, be reliable and accessible and work without being 'micro-managed'
  5. You will work remotely and BYODAI (Bring Your Own Device and Internet)
  6. You need to be willing (and be excited to) adhere to the QGIS Code of Conduct and the QGIS Diversity Statement and similar codes of conduct for Kartoza's internal practices

Submitting your application:

If you are interested, please click the APPLY NOW button below.

Please have:

  1. Your CV
  2. An example of your writing (two to three paragraphs is sufficient)
  3. The first version of QGIS you ever used
  4. The earliest date on which you can start work
  5. Your answer to the following question:
  6. What is a polygon?
  7. A lost parrot
  8. An enclosed area
  9. A character from the TV Series 'Star Trek'


Closing date for applications:

Applications close on 26 May 2023, 23h59 WET

Additional notes:

  1. Please note that these are re-announcements of these positions which were previously announced in November 2022
  2. After making the previous call we needed to wait for the community to approve the funds
  3. These funds are now secured and so we expect to move quickly now