QGIS Developer

QGIS Developer

We’re looking to add a QGIS developer to our team that is passionate about problem

solving and technologies. You will be part of an exciting web application development


We need a lateral thinker and keen all rounder who is happy to work on their own and

manage his or her own time. In this role you will have the freedom to arrange your hours

flexibly and you work from the location of your choice. You will need to be driven enough

to meet deadlines outside a formal office space and structure.

Even though we're geographically dispersed, we are a close team. We use tools like

Slack and Google Meet to keep in touch and collaborate on a daily basis. We like to work

hard, but also believe in maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Functional & Technical Skills

1. Collaborate with GIS analysts, team leaders, project managers and cross-functional

teams to gather and define requirements for software projects.

2. Design and develop GIS applications and tools that enable efficient data

visualization, analysis, and reporting.

3. Implement location-based services and geospatial functionalities within web and


4. Write well-documented, clean, and maintainable code that follows best practices

and coding standards.

5. Utilize libraries, APIs, and SDKs to enhance the capabilities of software


6. Stay up to date with advancements in GIS technology and software engineering


7. Participate in code reviews and knowledge sharing sessions with team members.

8. Experience in Agile development methodologies, system development lifecycles,

tools, and technology.

9. Support maintenance planning by performing spatial analysis, producing

cartography and other data visualization, developing data sets, automating spatial

and tabular data processing, and building web-based tools for data exploration.

Technical Knowledge (GIS):

1. Proficiency in GIS platforms, including QGIS, PostGIS or similar

2. Experience with geospatial libraries, frameworks, and APIs for web mapping and

spatial analysis – JavaScript, Leaflet, Mapbox GL, and OpenLayers

3. Experience at Acreating maps using GIS software

4. Web application development using cloud-based GIS tools

5. Web application programming such as jQuery, D3, OpenLayers, Leaflet, or Google


Technical Knowledge (Other):

1. Develop, implement, and maintain web applications using HTML, CSS,

JavaScript and other front-end technologies.

2. Demonstrable ability to work with product stakeholders to translate wireframes,

mockups, and prototypes into high-quality user interface designs.

3. Implemented, worked with, and maintained design systems and style


4. Experience building and working with front-end frameworks such as Vue or


5. Familiarity with version control systems like Git and agile development


6. Experience with AWS, Google, Digital ocean and Azure

7. Web application development using cloud-based GIS tools, 'cloud native GIS'.

To your advantage

Flask, Django

PostgreSQL RDBMS with PostGIS

Geographic Information Systems


QGIS and other geospatial software (C++, Qt, C, Java)

Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)

REST architecture style

You will be involved with Open Source software development methodology

because we believe in Open Source collaboration and philosophy.


We are a remote-first company. We work remotely, with flexible hours.

We are an agile business which means decisions are usually made quickly.

We are a small team so your voice will be valuable and everything you do will

have an impact on your peers and clients.

The Open Source software development culture allows you to build your own

credentials globally.


A fast and reliable internet connection

A good command of English, both written and spoken

A good communicator

A noise free environment for online meetings

Positive “can-do” attitude

Self-organised and efficient

Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment

Finger on the pulse of the latest trends online

Working with multiple projects and teams

Communication with clients, team members and management