Unlock insights from your data with the power of GIS

Kartoza Training
Skill up with GIS tools and workflows
We train you, your team, or students in geospatial software with our tailored training options, including scheduled courses and on-premise sessions. We also provide educational interventions and develop curriculum materials. Learn to use or develop Free and Open Source GIS Software (FOSSGIS) like QGIS, GeoNode, PostGIS, and GeoServer.
Kartoza custom developed software
Build a solution
We design, build, and integrate desktop, web, and mobile applications using Open Source software like Django, OpenLayers, QGIS, and PostGIS to meet your specific needs. Our solutions offer geospatial intelligence, data visualization, spatial analysis, location-based services, efficient workflows, business process solutions, and integration with third-party software.
Kartoza hosting solutions
Host, deploy, maintain and support your tech
We provide deployment, hosting, maintenance, support, and DevOps services for our solutions and most Open Source GIS applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Our skilled team is available to help with any question or problem, ensuring your system runs optimally. Trust us for seamless, efficient, and reliable GIS operations that meet all your needs.

Why Kartoza?
We support Open Source geospatial software
We are an Open Source Geospatial Software service provider. Choosing Open Source gives you the freedom to share and modify your system as your needs grow and change. Choosing Open Source avoids vendor lock-in.
Our team is available 24/7
Our team works from various time zones, which means we can provide professional support at most times of the day, no matter how complex your query is.
All-in-one development, training and support
We not only develop and implement software to your precise requirements, but we can also train your team on how to use the software, provide support for your system and offer maintenance and hosting packages.
We’re trusted around the world
Kartoza works with individuals, companies and organisations across the globe, including the World Bank, United Nations and government departments in Australia, Canada and various African countries.