Maintenance, setup and devops

A care and maintenance plan will ensure your system is running, up-to-date, backed up and secure at all times

If you provide your own host you need to order a setup package to cover once-off deployment, together with a maintenance package.

If you would like us to host your system, choose one of our hosting packages, which includes maintenance, as well as a setup package and any extras you would like.

We spend maintenance time on a regular basis monitoring and tending to your system, undertaking scheduled activities like upgrading, backups or database replication and responding to unscheduled incidents such as high loads or system outages, for up to two hours per month. If we need to spend more time we will ask you to order a top-up package.


Trust that your system is deployed robustly on suitable servers in cloud, on premise, or both, in a way that serves the needs of your staff or customers. Our deployments are designed to be transferable and scalable, so they can adapt to your changing requirements.

We offer these solutions for development, testing or basic production usage. Let us know if you need additional memory, storage, processing power or instances.

Package Features Ts & Cs
Setup and deployment

install and configure:

- software

- backups

- security

- monitoring

- etc

- once-off charge for initial setup

- client installs OS and provides remote access to Kartoza

- applies to any of the stacks in the table below

Standard maintenance

- monitoring and alerts

- OS and and software updates and upgrades for Kartoza components (not client applications)

- security

- backups

- uptime

- performance and configuration tweaks

- includes up to two hours per month Kartoza time

- covers 1 host instance only

- billed and payable monthly in advance

- setup and deployment are separate

- includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

- applies to any of the stacks in the table below

Top-up hours

If you are making major changes or there is a major issue that requres additional time, top up your package as required.

- 4h units, valid for one month from date of purchase

Stacks and extras that we can set up for you 'off-the-shelf'

Package Components Functionality Recommended minimum server spec (see Hosting page)

Latest stable version of PostgreSQL with

- PostGIS

- PgWatch

- pgAdmin4

- PostgREST

- replication ready (master or slave)

Full remote RDBMS functionality

Use as a cloud store for your enterprise

or as the backend for your web and mobile apps.


 OSM in PostGIS

Get your own copy of OpenStreetMap data in PostGIS filtered to your requirements and updated automatically

This includes everything from the database package

Map Server


Resilio or equivalent file share

GeoServer OR QGIS server OR MapServer

Store, manage and serve your data via OGC service endpoints including:



- vector tiles

- CoGeo (Cloud-optimised GeoTIFF)

- live KML for Google Earth

- many other formats and protocols


Map Server web client

For QGIS server, choose one of QWC2, LizMap, GISQuick or G3W as an out-the-box portal

This is an optional add-on to the Map Server package

GeoNode Latest stable release of GeoNode. Includes PostGIS, GeoServer and MapStore CX31
GeoNode theme

Get a custom GeoNode theme

This is an optional add-on to the GeoNode package


Latest stable version of Django with optional Wagtail CMS

Run any Django app you or Kartoza have developed CX11
KoboToolbox Your own instance of KoboToolbox Run your own field surveys with the ODK family of apps and be in control of your data CX21
KoboToolBox skin

Get a custom KoboToolbox skin

This is an optional add-on to the KoboToolbox package


Kartoza Biodiversity Information Management System like FBIS

Manage and visualise your biodiversity data


Kartoza custom system

We can host anything we develop for you.

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Key SLA elements

  • we host and maintain only. The client is responsible for ensuring their code works
  • any system downtime caused by client code or data is not Kartoza's responsibility
  • we aim to keep the system up 24/7/365 on a best effort basis
  • we implement all standard security measures
  • we do not provide shell access. We provide sufficient access to the client to administer and use their applications.

We will send you an SLA to sign with the invoice when you order (available on request).

Prices include 15% VAT.