The Kartoza Geeks

Lindsay Kay Walker


kartoza employee

With a degree in environmental science, Lindsay Walker has always been interested in helping communities with the biggest challenges they face. With a background in GIS specific to utilities and architecture/engineering/ Before long, Lindsay transitioned into her role as the GIS Director for an engineering firm, implementing diverse GIS solutions from fiber-optic network modeling in GIS to robust field collection solutions allowing for form-based data to come directly into the company’s central GIS. This central enterprise GIS was one of Lindsay’s major projects in this role – an implementation of Esri’s ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Portal in a cloud environment via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lindsay roadmapped, managed, and consulted as the technical lead on this project from start to finish. Continuing to move further into cutting-edge GIS technologies, Lindsay received an offer to be the Director of Managed Services for a cloud-based managed services firm specialising in Enterprise GIS deployments in the cloud. As a Technical Manager at Kartoza, Lindsay brings advanced technical experience with proprietary GIS software, making her an excellent bridge between it and open source GIS technologies. With expertise in geospatial workflow optimization, Lindsay can speak intelligently to both proprietary and open source solutions, while also understanding the complex IT components of today’s enterprise-level GIS. Lindsay holds a GIS Professional (GISP) certificate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect certificate, and is certified by Esri in Enterprise Administration and Geodata Management. Lindsay hopes to improve people’s lives through the responsible use of technology and continues to learn about the newest technologies in the field to accomplish this goal. Lindsay is located on the east coast of the United States.